Tubbs Fire recovery

First view of our house

As many of our winery friends and fans know we lost our home and almost lost our lives in the Tubbs Fire one year ago today.  Our home was about 6 miles from the Lauterbach Cellars.  We escaped to the winery where we stored our RV.  The next day a dear friend offered us his RV so Barb and I had a home and our 21 year old son had our RV.


Our portable wicking beds

Now, a year after the Tubbs Fire, we have an encampment at the winery.  A pool house (no pool was ever built), used as a wine lab and case good storage has been converted to a guest room with a full bath.  A storage area above the winery has become our office.  We have planted a garden in horse troughs, made into wicking beds which we can move to our house in the future.  We have returned our friends trailer and purchased a really nice one to make a home for the next year as we rebuild our house.


They say “keep some money in a safe for the earthquake when the ATM’s don’t work”. Here’s a thousand dollars.

We reflect on this and all of the good fortune that we have, a year from the fire we look on the bright side of it all.  We are alive!  We had a place to escape to, where so many got into their cars in the middle of the night with no place to go.  We are living in a beautiful place on a 15 acre vineyard.  We are right next to the winery, where we can make wine with our just harvested pinot, and some syrah we are hoping to make into a sparkling.  We can almost always make an appointment for a tasting.



We are among the most fortunate of the survivors of that terrible fire storm, the Tubbs Fire. We are looking to the future and are moving on.


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  1. I’m so glad you are okay!