Wine Bottling Party.

Two or three times a year have a wine bottling party.   We have two bottling days coming up, our 2016 Syrah and our 2017 Rosé.  This event is a party where we and a number of friends get together for the day, set up our line of 4 stations with 6 people and go at it.

The first step is the filler.  This is a beautiful antique device that gravity feeds the bottles.  We maintain the wine level in the bowl with a sensor and pump.

We place each bottle on a nozzle which acts as a syphon that fills till it meets the level in the bowl.









A cork is placed using a vacuum corker.   This prevents have high pressure in the neck space of the bottle, preventing wine leakage around the cork.














Next is a foil spinner, with 6 rubber rolls that compress the tin foils over the cork and neck of the bottle, giving that polished finish to the product.








Finally a label applicator applies the front and back labels giving a finished product.

We have fabulous videos of the entire bottling line  and bottling party in action.


With our line running a full speed we can bottle 20 cases an hour. We generally shoot for about 100 cases a day.  That’s a bottle every 14 seconds or so.




We delight the wine crew with a home made lunch, of course with some wine, and great company,  The day works out to be a working party for all involved.






Upcoming Events:

Our fall Lauterbach Cellars wine club shipment of a bottle each of our award winning Syrah Dessert wine (aka port), a bottle of estate bottled Pinot Noir, and a bottle of our Noir de Noir sparkling Pinot Noir Will be shipped in the next few weeks pending the weather.

Wine and food Affair  November 3-4, 2018

Winter Wineland January 19-20, 2019